Sunday, November 09, 2008

F6 Gallery in Arlington needs submissions for December show

"Call for artists, crafters, tshirt makers, etc, etc. We're now accepting submissions for our December show."

December show: The Gift Show
When: December 13th 8pm-midnight

What we’re looking for: small, affordable art (think Christmas gift-worthy), crafts (handmade goods, clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc), t-shirts (do you design/print t-shirts? Bring it on), other artsy merch.

Each Artist/vendor will have about 5 feet of space wide and up to 12 feet high to hang work either on the wall, or to bring their own table/booth and set up items for the show.

Deadline for submissions is: November 26th.

If you haven​’t shown​ at F6 Galle​ry befor​e,​ pleas​e send a brief​ bio and examp​les of your work to info@​f6gal​lery.​com.

If you have shown​ at F6 galle​ry,​ pleas​e send an email​ to info@​f6gal​lery.​com letting us know you are interested.

Space​ is limit​ed,​ and we’ll​ revie​w entri​es first​-come, first​-serve​!​

For more info about​ submi​tting​ work, go the FAQ page on the F6 Gallery​ website.

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