Tuesday, November 04, 2008

what i feel @ once on this night of hope & optimism

hugs to all
from the north texas prairie,
feeling blissfully hopeful and lucky
(having just sidestepped two patrolling sqwad car chotas
as i sped happily away from my mama's home down
the avenue listening to steve miller 80s on the music radio,
for i suddenly somehow feel that i get to have the 80s back
as i lost them in 84 with the reagan years).
you can only know this bliss as a person of color
who has felt devalued through the haphazardly
implemented and foisted systemic devaluation of her
fellow brethren and sistren of color through the
decades of her life.
to have a black and a white family cheered on at the
podium at Grants Park on a night of ultimate hope
is the most amazing moment to witness in this ever-evolving
life of mine.

inversion, AND flipping of da quintessential
script are now mandates of the moment.

be loved, wherever you feel yourself to be:
atop a mountain, smiling in a valley,
cresting on the heart of hope.

peace be unto you, my dear comrade!



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