Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Poem #108 of 365

Huff left us with the idea
that one could choose to be
a successful artist
or to be an artist successfully.
i think you have chosen (well) the latter.
and you are leaving this town,
shaking its southwesterly dust
off your shoes this week.
all your dreams and cushions, lost
keys and boyfriends,
they all must choose as well.

to be alone, successfully,
or to be successfully alone w/ you.

i think they too may choose the latter.
how can we know?
how will we tell?

all the canvases in this city cannot paint the goodbye
i want to give. you must imagine the splatters, the
Pollack pouting farewell paintspills. we’re rooting
for you, cuz we’re underground in the 817,
rooting and percolating,
awaiting our chirping emergence,
the scent-laden blossoming day.

remember to shed your skin as you leave.
Leave the discards and rejects behind.
Take only what you need. Leave us in your awake.
We will be rooting, as you can imagine.

(sayonara and come back soon to Ms. KM, who ventures to LA for a spell)

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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