Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Poem #94 of 365

She said, do it.
I looked around the room
as if for assonance
or confirmation
of her impulse.
Of course, the
room just vibrated
and the walls
spoke our echoed
secrets, but
nothing related
to Richard.

This was between
me and her.
Her painted finger
and matching lips
broadcast the
louder than the
blurriest of
roadside signs,
the kind you
meekly obey,
turning off at
the exit, buying
a requisite coffee,
kolache, wax candle.

She made me feel
like that, pushed
to comply. The
butt and the button
made a connection,
the flash went off
and the end of
this, the whole
tail end, is proved
in the proof.

Aqui 'sta.

Bien provecho!

(silliness after hours, after Suzan-Lori Parks final show, at the F & H, with cast, crew, and our beloveds)

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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