Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poem #114 of 365

My little audiocassette recorder
was propped on the night table,
the bedside stand. The buttons
were set on record, and the KMART
special 3-pack cassettes were
getting all used up.

I was a fifth grader in love
with KFJZ from the AM to the PM
and eventually the FM, when
they went to stereo.

The only little radio in the house,
besides daddy's transistors, was
in the other bedroom. It was a
beige, alarm clock-radio, probably
from KMART too.

I'd set my recorder up in the morning
when a new hit was destined for drive-
time play, and I never minded that the
dj banter got taped too. Edit was
a word that I had yet to hear.

I marveled at all the bands lined up in
the radio studio, waiting their turn
to play. Paul McCartney and Wings
in the wings, I could hardly believe it!
But yes I did, I truly believed that
each and every band was there at
the KFJZ station to play their song,
en vivo. Live rock and roll on my
parents' clock radio and on my
KMART cassettes for later listening.

I loved the magic of radio.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

1 comment:

author said...

opening even the image of myself in the ear shot of my parents clock radio...the record and eight track players...memories I value and am grateful you conjure.