Tuesday, February 12, 2008

AUSTIN-based documentary project needs stories on E. Austin public schools

[my friend and comadre, Andrea Melendez, is at the helm of this documentary project. she received funding from the Austin Film Society, and award-winning cinematographer Lee Daniel has been working w/ her to some extent. help this friend, if you're in Austin or know any folks in E. Austin who might have a story to share. thanks! ]


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The Blueprint Schools Documentary Project
Producer/Co-Director: Andrea Melendez

The Blueprint Schools Documentary Project seeks teachers, parents, administrators, students, educators and community members for documentary/research project on school reform in East Austin

The Blueprint Schools Documentary Project (BSDP) aims to document and illustrate the process by which inner-city communities, educators and artists have worked together, tirelessly to break the mold of the failing inner-city school. This documentary asks the question: "What does it take to provide a challenging education to inner-city youth, to provide an education that will prepare them for college and to establish a true community of trust between communities, educators and families?"

We are looking for people that are willing to share their story with the project, for historical purposes, for archival purposes and to begin a dialogue on the in-depth reality of what is going on in our schools and communities. Participants will have the option to be interviewed on camera or off-camera. Off-camera interview participants’ identity will be protected.

If you are a teacher, community member, student, educator or parent of one the following schools currently or previously and have a story to share, please contact us:

Blackshear Elementary, Harris Elementary, Oak Springs Elementary, Sims Elementary, Dobie middle school, Pearce middle school, Reagan high school and Johnston high school.

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