Monday, February 11, 2008

Texas Community Media Summit - Austin - Saturday, March 1st

Texas Community Media Summit
Saturday, March 1, 2008
Texas Union Building
on the campus of UT-Austin
Austin, Texas

FREE and open to media producers in the public/grassroots realm. (bloggers, newsprint & web journalists, vloggers, public access tv and radio producers, performance artists)


For more information and to register online (asap, please), visit the Texas Community Media Summit website .


from Summit co-coordinator Stefan Wray of (Public Access Community Television) PACT-Austin:

"...the entire idea started last summer when we heard a report from Charles Benton about the Community Media Summit in Chicago. We're modeling off that. Chicago had a head start in that there was already a good network or directory of local community groups and organizations. We're a bit handicapped in that regard; there's not a good database for Texas community media. So really, one of the first things and main reasons for the summit is to start a conversation, to begin to get people involved in different community media to be able to recognize who we are all and to start figuring out ways that we can work together. We see this as the beginning of something."

some of the participating orgs and media outlets:

Dallas iMedia Network
Alliance for Community Media
The Benton Foundation
Texas Media Empowerment Project
Southwest Alternate Media Project
Department of Radio-TV-Film, UT-Austin
KNON-FM - Dallas
KPFT-FM - Houston
MIchael Verdi (San Antonio-based vlogger and co-author of the first book on videoblogging: Secrets Of Videoblogging)

Questions that will be posed for discussion:

1. How do we leverage our community media resources to expand and enhance our presence in the Texas media landscape?

2. How are we moving from traditional one-way media distribution and consumption to interactive media?

3. How do we transform our traditional funding strategies?

4. What are our community needs and how do we better meet them?

I'll be facilitating one of the break-out sessions--the one on VALUE--so I hope to see you there!
Fort Worth-Dallas represent! Houston represent! San Antonio represent! RGV represent! El Paso represent! Panhandle represent!


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