Friday, February 29, 2008

Some of my upcoming public performances

Just wanted to let you know when you might be able to see/hear/read me in the next few months.

(As I have broken my foot and am in the recovery process, I'm not getting out too much beyond scheduled performance commitments.)

Thanks, as always, for your support of and interest in my work!


FEBRUARY 25 - 8pm - I'll be performing a set of spoken word (and a few poems accompanied by The Shortest Distance a.k.a. Ramsey Sprague) - 1919 Hemphill, FW, TX (in conjunction with the RNC Welcoming Committee Resistance Workshop.


MARCH 1 - all day - I'll be facilitating the "VALUES session" at the TEXAS COMMUNITY MEDIA SUMMIT - Texas Union Building on-campus at the University of Texas at Austin - free and open to all (especially if you're into creating grassroots media) !


MARCH 1 - my article "For the Love of Bicycles--One Poet and Playwright's Wild Ride" is the FEATURED THEATRE ARTICLE in the debut issue of "HERE AND THERE:  A Resource for Creative Professionals Everywhere", a new online zine which launches on March 1st - Read my article here on March 1st.

The purpose of the e-zine is to support, encourage and inform artists of all kinds as they work to get where it is they want to go in life and in art.


MARCH 25 - all day, performances and workshop, FESTIBA arts and literature festival, UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS-PAN-AM at Edinburg.


APRIL 4-5 - the debut performance of "Footprints" a new collaboration with dancer/choreographer Lori Soderbergh and musician Chris Curiel (of SWIRVE) - as part of the 2008 BAREFOOT BRIGADE showcases - BATH HOUSE CULTURAL CENTER - at White Rock Lake, Dallas.


APRIL 11-12 - performance of "Footprints" as part of the 3rd Annual DFW Fringe Festival - hosted by the Dallas Hub Theater in Deep Ellum, Dallas. ( t e n t a t i v e )


APRIL 26 - performance of "Footprints" as part of the 2008 Prairie Fest - Tandy Hills Natural Area, Fort Worth. ( t e n t a t i v e )

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