Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Theater Workshop--on military counter-recruitment -TODAY@7pm

*** INTERACTIVE THEATER WORKSHOP on Tuesday, Feb. 5th, 7pm, at 1919 Hemphill ***

PEACEFUL VOCATIONS, your friendly military COUNTER-recruitment volunteer organization

our first interactive theater workshop
on Tuesday, February 5th
@ 7pm at 1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth.

The workshop--free and open to interested participants--is part of a new initiative to create new and high-impact theater pieces which will be presented to students at schools in the FWISD and beyond.

Tuesday's workshop will begin with a screening of BEFORE YOU ENLIST (dvd documentary, 15 min.), followed by a discussion. Afterwards, a break-out session for participants to brainstorm and create original new skits and theater strategies for counter-recruitment will take place.

These new works will be shared with the group-at-large, and decisions may be made about further coordination of this theater project.

All useful and relevant ideas will be welcomed and considered.

Join us at:

1919 Hemphill
1919 Hemphill St.
Fort Worth, TX 76110




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