Thursday, February 14, 2008

Friday, February 15th: Ruben Salazar art show opening party

Ruben, a comrade since 2005, is based in Waco, and we somehow managed to sidestep each other when we both lived in Austin in the 1990s. We also have more than a few mutual friends and he feels sometimes the way I do living in Fort Worth. Fish out of water. He invited me, back in 2007, to consider collaborating with him for a future art exhibit. Ruben specializes in papel picado (cut paper) design, but has done alot of different things in visual art over the years. He's worked with the folks at the Peace House in Crawford, Texas, and used to teach ballet folklorico in the past. I'm pleased that he has elected to include my brand-new poema, "Steps on the Earth", for one of his installation pieces at this new, environmentally-themed show in Waco. I'll be traveling down there on Friday (woo-hoo Amtrak!) to perform at the exhibit reception party. Exciting!

[please click on image to see larger version]


Phil Poulter said...

It's a great show, and you deserve gratitude for having brought some personality and fine poetry to a dreary Friday night in Waco. Many thanks.

Tammy Gomez said...

hey, thanks, Phil!
i had a good time in Waco,
everyone was so sweet, receptive.
had a nice meal @ Ninfa's afterwards. it's Ruben that deserves the props,
for putting that whole shindig together.

ShoeGirl said...

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Tammy Gomez said...

to shoegirl: congratulations on your new blog assignment. i've not had a chance to skim your SKIRT, bt will do so very soon. adelante! T