Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"Breast Cancer - Focus on Healing through Movement & Dance"

From an in-house news sheet I picked up at the Sunflower Shoppe a few weeks ago:

Tuesday, March 22nd - “Breast Cancer - Focus on Healing through Movement and Dance.” Using the Lebed Method, this therapeutic exercise workshop is designed specifically for those who have undergone breast surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. 7pm, at the Sunflower Shoppe, presented by Jennifer Delano, certified in breast cancer education. The Sunflower Shoppe is located just south of Camp Bowie Blvd. (about 1/4 of a block) at 5817 Curzon St. For more information, call 817-732-7729 locally or read about the Lebed Method online.

The Atlantic Breast Cancer Net website features a glowing report...

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