Friday, March 11, 2005

Three places at once? Impossible!

I am typing this up late in the evening. Why? Because I couldn't bear to spend the better hours of beautiful daylight indoors today. So I raked, trimmed hedges, rosebushes, lit my firepit, burned some branches, and cooked some food right in the hot coals. Excellent meal! I am feeling really good NEW MOON energy today, and cannot forget to plant those tiny little (could be mistaken for mustard seeds) flower seeds that Kat gave me a few moons ago. Tomorrow, I plant those seeds. I promise.
(The promise is to the seeds.)

As soon as I finish this entry, I'm hopping over to a gathering of mujeres at the home of Patricia Urbina, an amazing dancer, performer of teatro, and educator. She'll be screening an apparently hard-to-find film about Frida Kahlo, and then we'll do a little little salon with poesia and musica. I opted to do this, since I haven't seen Patricia in a while, and I need to catch up with my local Chicana/Latina sistren.

Where else could I be tonight, if I could time-travel and do Friday 8-11pm three different times? I'd be with Lori at the Firehouse Gallery doing the Friday Night Ladies' Night art thang-hangout! Or I would be in Dallas at the artist Solange's salon; apparently, it's a pretty cool occasional event.

Wow, I just got a phone call from Doug Zachary, who I knew when I lived in Austin. He was with APJC (Austin Peace & Justice Coalition), but now works in Oakland with a national group of 500 anti-war veterans who plan to be in Dallas later this year for a big convention. Cool. Austin was such a crossroads for so many righteous folks and I am happy that we occasionally have reason to re-encounter one another. And now that Doug wants me to perform at the national gathering of this group in Dallas, I will certainly try to involve my new allies and friends of Fort Worth and Dallas.

Okay, I'm off to see the Kahlo film and work on my conversational Spanish.

Enjoy the new moon, wherever you go.

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