Sunday, March 27, 2005

Press release from the Young Democrats group at TCC-NE

TCC-NE College Democrats demonstration against YCT's "Immigrant Round-Up"

The Tarrant County College-NE Campus Young Democrats will be peacefully counter-demonstrating the Young Conservatives of Texas "Illegal Immigrant Round Up," set to take place from 8AM-1PM on Wednesday, March 30th, in the Free Speech Zone on campus.   

The Young Democrats will be teaming with OLAS (Organization of Latin America Students of TCC), the Tejano Democrats of Fort Worth, LULAC District 21, the Cara Mia theatre performers, the Mid-Cities Democrats, and the 1919 Hemphill organization. 

Our alliance will be educating the student body on the issue of undocumented immigration in the United States, complete with pamphlet information, videos, and speakers so that students can make an educated and informed decision on this sensitive subject.  We will also honor those undocumented immigrants who are currently serving, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice, in an attempt to gain citizenship into the United States by serving in our nation's military. 

Our alliance deplores the tactics of the Young Conservatives of Texas to take this important issue and place it in such inhumane and deliberately simplistic terms.

Please join us at TCC-NE campus on Wednesday, March 30th in the Free Speech Zone.

NOTE: If you can only join us for a short time, the optimal time would be between 10:30am-12noon. Thanks.

Contact and address information:

TCC-NE Campus
828 Harwood Road,
Hurst, TX 76054
(817) 515-6100

TCC-NE Campus College Democrats
President-Scott Williams

Mid-Cities Democrats
College Campus Organizer- Todd Hill

LULAC - District 21
District 21 Director- Alberto Govea
Home: 817-428-8239
Cell: 817-797-4015

Tejano Democrats
President- Jodi Perry

1919 Hemphill Organization

Cara Mia Theatre performers

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