Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Chicana artists on the Glenn Mitchell Show (KERA 90.1 FM) Thursday @ 12noon

Chicana/Latina artists will be on the local radio airwaves tomorrow, March 17th! Tune in at 12 noon, KERA (90.1 FM), to the Glenn Mitchell Show, on Thursday. The following is the blurb I pulled from the KERA website:

"We'll preview "THE PANZA MONOLOGUES" with Virginia Grise & Irma Mayorga. Conceived from kitchen table conversations and gossip and compiled from interviews of Latinas of all ages, places, and spaces, the one-woman show pays homage to the source of many women's self consciousness - the panza! The show will play at The Latino Cultural Center in Dallas this weekend and at Fort Worth's Rose Marine Theater next weekend."

And that's not it, folks. After the host interviews the PANZA MONOLOGUES women, he'll go on to have a conversation with Latina visual artists MAGDA BOWEN, RUTH GONZALES, and IVONNE ACERO, whose work is currently on exhibit at THE ICE HOUSE CULTURAL CENTER in Oak Cliff. The exhibit, "Forgotten Flower" is presented as a celebration of Women's History Month. The mixed-media artworks reflect the roles of women in life and heritage; address issues of equality, justice and marginalization; and depict social problems like domestic abuse. Co-sponsored by Arte Oak Cliff, the exhibit will run through March 26th.

Wow, that's pretty cool, eh? Show your appreciation and attention by calling in during the show tomorrow. Pose a question to the women or make a supporting comment. This is a rare moment for public radio in North Texas. Chicanas in the house!

Call in at 214-871-9010 or 800-933-5372, or email your comment/question to:

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