Thursday, March 24, 2005

Films at 1919 Hemphill on Sunday, March 27th

Folks, the YCT (Young Conservatives of Texas) are apparently locally present, with a campus chapter at TCC-NE. I've been hearing that this group plans to do a public action in the FREE SPEECH ZONE on Thursday, March 31st. Fine, no problem. I'm into free speech and hearing other points of view. I'm also into contestation and rebuking exhortations that are mean-spirited, motivated by hate and fear, and unproductive for society. So, let's see, what should we do?

For one, we're going to screen a 30 minute video on Sunday, March 27th, at the 1919 Hemphill community space at 7pm. The video, NEW WORLD BORDER, focuses on the contributing factors that make "illegal immigration" from Mexico by Mexicans such an incendiary issue. Watching this video might help you make your own assessments of YCT-style stunts, such as the "ILLEGAL ALIEN HUNT" planned for next Thursday, the 31st.

After NEW WORLD BORDER, the film UNCONSTITUTIONAL will also screen. For those of you who like thought-provoking cinema, come join the folks at 1919 Hemphill on Sunday for screenings and discussion.

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