Thursday, March 24, 2005

PANZA MONOLOGUES in Fort Worth this week!

The PANZA women, Vicki and Irma, performed their multimedia show last weekend in Dallas. THIS weekend they're in Fort Worth, at the Rose Marine Theater at 1440 N. Main - north of downtown.

The PANZA MONOLOGUES will take place on Friday, March 25th, and Saturday, March 26th. It is an original theater presentation co-created by San Antonio artistas Vicki Grise and Irma Mayorga. They employed the Ensler interview research strategy, compiling statements by women about their panzas, er, stomaches.

I heard the show is poignant, funny, feisty, and uplifting. It probably won't send you away with an urge for liposection. But it might make you want to pat your tummy approvingly or go out for satisfying soul food afterwards.

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