Thursday, April 29, 2010

Other Arts presents "Other Texas Music Festival" at the FW Community Arts Center this wk-end

I rarely perform spoken word/music sets here in the 817, so this is a great opportunity to check out the project I've got going with my comrade and artistic colleague, Ramsey Sprague (aka The Shortest Distance). We're on the bill for tonight at this, the inaugural outing of Herb Levy's "Other Texas Music" Festival. That's TONIGHT, FRIDAY, APRIL 30th, at 8:30pm. 10 bucks cover. Get there early, for better parking options.

Ramsey will be playing guitar and his looping station, which should make for some cool layering effects to accompany my vocal production work (fancy term for spoken word/singing). Because I just got back to Tejas from DC/Maryland on Wednesday, we haven't had a chance to rehearse, which means our set will be raw, experimental, and astoundingly fresh. Ha. See you there, my friends.

Oh---I cannot forgot to unequivocally state that I am familiar with, and (in some cases) have performed alongside many of the musicians who are in this Festival and they are bonafide badasses. Paul Unger, stellar bass player. Max Oepen, great drum chops, particularly in the jazz style. (I used to be in a project with Paul and Max, around 2005. We played the Bath House Cultural Center, and a few other places.) Tamitha and Chris Curiel--of SWIRV--are great friends and longtime collaborators in theater and music events. I've jammed with the Hentai Improvisational Orchestra (HIO, for short) boys, and had alot of fun mouthing off to their sound wildness. And David Bithell--UNT music prof--he's really out there (for north Texas); I got to see/hear his set at the Out of the Loop Festival in Addison last month.

It's a measly 15 bucks for both nights' worth of music, mayhem, aural madness. That's a steal of a deal. (Herb Levy puts on a very good show, as producer of Other Arts.) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.