Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby kittens need new home(s)

 I have a grey tabby, a Siamese with blue eyes, and then there's Pony--who's mostly white with a black spot or two and a black head.  They were born in late May/early June 2014.  Litter box-trained.  Friendly and playful.  They like to romp in the backyard in the mornings.  Pony is a fearless tree climber. 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Memoir Photo: Vintage in Green Velvet

At this age, one begins to have a concept of self.  An emerging mental and emotional framework that allows you to sort flavors, images, and sounds, and propels you to learn the myriad ways you can respond to these increasingly fascinating stimuli.

I am a born Libra, with Venus as my guiding planet.  Venus rules in the area of Beauty, which suits me here in a sage green velvet jumper and matching anklets.  I have a strong attraction to natural materials, which means soft fabrics and wooden flooring.  Surrounded here as I am by the now-vintage furnishings and papered walls, I seem happily tucked into a corner of early 1960s American culture.  Those 45s (45 rpm vinyl records--hit song on one side and B-side afterthought on the other) were family treasures even before they came to reach cult and E-Bay auction status.  My mom has kept every single one of those singles--to this day they sit in their paper sleeves in a special cabinet here in Fort Worth.  Music was in my ears from the time I left the cradle, and those Mary Janes danced across the floor to keep step with my parents--who were West Texas masters of the jitterbug and two-step and bop. 

So if you want to charm me, amuse my curiosity, or simply get me to stepping, impress me with velvet in jewel tones, an expanse of waxed wood flooring, and rhythmic tunes that propel me to sweep across dance spaces as I've been doing for decades.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Painting for the "Nature Bats Last" exhibit - by Samuel Torres of Waco, Texas

So--instead of this fabulously inspired painting, which was
created by a gentleman painter named Samuel Torres
in response to a wonderful one-minute script ("The Warm Up") co-written 
by Dallas writer Julie Riggs and her 7th grade students at Lakehill Preparatory School,
what you'll see on the gallery wall instead is the following statement:

The painting by Waco artist Samuel Torres, which should have been hanging in this space,
may now be seen online here:

Co-curators Junanne Peck and Tammy Gomez apologize for this
inconvenience and the City of Irving’s policy of art censorship
in the 21st century.

To drum up some solidarity support, I sent an email yesterday afternoon to Mary Ann Kellam, president of the Irving Hispanic Chamber of Commerce regarding the egregious act of censorship on the part of the City of Irving. The City can't handle a work of art (painting by Waco artist --and U.S. veteran - Samuel Torres) that bares breasts, even if they're Mother Nature's nips. And EVEN though co-curator Junanne Peck had covered them with store-bought plastic green leaves ala Adam-and-Eve fig leaves, in an attempt to appease the Irving city staffers.  We still got the request (more like directive) to remove the painting from the gallery. ~ Dang, we don't try to offend. We just want to respectfully honor and present the work of esteemed and talented art folk. What's so wrong w/ that, City of UN-Irving?

If you want to share your opinions and thoughts about this, please use the online form for contacting the Irving Arts Board.  And do let me know if you hear anything back from them about this issue.
Thank you.