Saturday, March 17, 2012

L with an extra Ele

a meditation on kinship
on the occasion of E.C.'s 2012 birthday

Easy, they think it’s easy maintaining my liquid and
Lovely smile. Only the digging ones, curious comrades who care and dare to
Look below the grin and guffaws, they are the ones who will ever get to
Enjoy the resonant spectrum of the total and

Complete me, the swallowed bird, with dinky displeasures, and buzzing back anger: the
Hard and sometimes humiliating sunspray of what I live to transcend and
Under which I sometimes get
Pinned. I embrace those who dig and spelunk, unafraid of
Intensity and skin-wound, the companions of my heart synched into my stride, a
Kinesthetic empathy as they walk parallel aside me, pulsing salvation tales, breaths of sweet respite, and lay-me-down-softly seafoam.