Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Friends to Celebrate With - that's my favorite kind of buffet!

Met on the rooftop of the Live Oak Music Hall for a coupla hours.
Bringing playful conversation and closeness between friends.
Cody [above] made vegan gluten-free donut holes to share earlier in the afternoon.
He seems to love cookin' fun foods.

                                          Dear Meg, teacher and artist.  Her comfy scarf invited tight
                              hugs as it started to get chilly outside.  Bless her and her strong commitment to the kids she teaches.
Swaziland in 2013, right, Meg?

Bree and I kickin' back on the rooftop, welcoming a view of the Harvest Moon in all
her glory.

 Bree made a cool art card for me, which was comprised of "Happy Birthday" in 50 different languages of the human world, hand-written by Bree in 50 different marker colors.  Wow!

Musician and composer James sat with me and tried to teach me how to play my "Tammy Birthday Song" on our special tabletop keyboard.  If you can't see it, well, you might need to get in a magic frame of mind.

Rose Ann, I'm sorry but there were no cake candles for me to blow out, so I opted to blow your hair instead.  Thinking of dandelion fibers, blowin' in the wind on a beautiful September night.  (By the way, I'll always cherish the 50 words you wrote for me.  Pure inspiration.)

Gloria, we have almost the same exact skin tone.  What's up with that?  We must really be hermanas in life!  Jazz at the library, let's go!
If you have friends, you have everything.  (Jessica, we didn't get a picture together!)

Photo credit:  Jessica Fuentes
Date:  September 30, 2012
Location:  Fort Worth, Texas