Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pussy Riot, activists. all in, 24/7, in American English. P.Arquette, activist. meh.

There are at least two video interpretations of the Pussy Riot song (their first in English), "I Can't Breathe," which could be seen as a tribute to Eric Garner and an outcry for justice for Garner, Martin, and so many others.  I like this version (above) more because it puts the focus where it needs to be.

Apparently, punk rock icon and musician Richard Hell invited Pussy Riot to his home, and offered to lend vocals to this track.  His is the voice reciting the actual final words spoken by Eric Garner.

Click to see the ditch burial version of this song.

And, for those of us in the Dallas/Fort Worth radio broadcast region, how about we try to get the new "indie" and "alternative" station (KXT-FM) to play this song.  No profanity in the lyrics, as far as I can tell, so it's safe for regular rotation.

Here's the station's online request form.  I completed it earlier today, listing "I Can't Breathe" in all three song title fields.

I also added the following lines in the comment section:

"NPR broadcast an interview with a member of Pussy Riot this past weekend, and also took time to play a lengthy excerpt from the song.  I figured there's no reason now why KXT cannot play this song in regular rotation.  Thanks."

And then, there's this.