Monday, August 31, 2015

"Spillway Sonata" performances - Saturday and Sunday, August 29th and 30th, 2015

Photo credit, for the six images below, goes to Valley Reed.  Thank you to Debby Stein of R.A.D. (Riverside Arts District), Margie Gomez, Tijuan Muhammad of the Sunday Jazz Brunch Series at Shipping and Receiving, Ellie Ivanova (photographer for Saturday's performance), and to my courageous co-performers in this work, Linnae Nicolle Underwood and Tuumea Oxum.  And so grateful that Hassan Multi Conteh could join us to offer a powerful spoken word piece on Sunday afternoon.  

"It was a beautiful performance, I enjoyed it tremendously with my background in dance and improv. Synchronistic for me having yesterday watched a scene from the film Baraka with the Butoh dancers, so those images were fresh in my mind and came to life through your dance today. Thanking you for shining a creative light honoring the tragedy of Katrina and remembering those who were lost. They were also given voice in the dance. It felt very sacred to me. Beautiful work Tammy, made me want to dance again:) " -- Valley Reed, owner/director/teacher, Chrysalis Healing Arts, Dallas, Texas

"A moving performance of Spillway Sonata last night to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the loss of Katrina, at Riverside Arts District in Fort Worth.  It also helped that it was a Mama Luna night (Sturgeon Moon)." -- Ellie Ivanova, photographer/artist, Arlington, Texas

"Loved the show.  Perfect venue." -- Kendall McCook, writer/author, Fort Worth, Texas

"Tammy, it was great to see this piece this afternoon - there's probably more to talk about than in our brief chat afterwards." -- Herb Levy

"Beautiful performance and awareness of what has been and what is and continues.  Thank you Tammy for your artful activism." -- Valley Reed, owner/director/teacher, Chrysalis Healing Arts, Dallas, Texas