Saturday, June 02, 2007

Enlisting/inviting participant artists for world premiere of She: Bike/Spoke/Love

She: Bike/Spoke/Love is a multidisciplinary spoken word theater work which celebrates the bicycle (as alternative transportation and thruway to nature) and bicyclist (as empowered low-tech activist and freewheeling rebel) featuring original poetry, freestyle and choreographed bicycling, video sequences, and live/dj musical score.

Because Texas’ history reveals it to be an automobile-dependent and oil industry-friendly state, bicycling Texans are often perceived as law-breaking, car-hating misfits. It is increasingly important, therefore, to present the positive aspects of bicycling and to celebrate the bike communities that are sprouting up all over Texas at this moment in time.

During and around the time of World Car-Free Day (September 22nd, 2007), Sound Culture (a young network of artists, performers, bicyclists, and activists) will premiere a radically new performance concept of bicycle theater to the state of Texas with performances of She: Bike/Spoke/Love in Fort Worth and other cities.

Between now and October 2007, Sound Culture will be auditioning and inviting many local/regional folks to join in the effort to present this original work. With the support of grants from NALAC (National Association of Latino Arts and Culture)—funded in part by the Ford Foundation—and the Puffin Foundation, we’re hoping to have enough resources to allow this project to realize its potential of unifying audience and performers in a cross-cultural cutting-edge community art experience in Texas.

For more information, or to offer resources/advice/skills, please email:

or via this myspace profile.


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