Sunday, June 24, 2007

MY FORT WORTH: New, different, and upcoming

Things I need to share, cuz you might not have heard, and I gotta spit this fast cuz you know how new news becomes old news if you sit on it:

1. Gracey Tune met with Ronald Shannon Jackson a few weeks ago to discuss a new project; seems he wants to produce a jazz opera...!
2. Nia, from Roots 'n' Kulture, is said to be opening a children's clothing boutique in the space formerly known as Junketeria on Magnolia St. She has both designed and assembled (sewn, knitted) the clothes for this venture.
3. A documentary film festival is slated to take place in Denton in late August, early September. The Thin Line Film Fest, organized by Texas Filmmakers (a Denton organization), is still accepting submissions ('til June 30th).
4. The 4 Star Coffee Bar is opening a new satellite location inside the Lewis Medical Library--where I work--in July!
5. Momentum Productions is interested in meeting artist/performers who would like to be involved with their upcoming (late July) production of a new show, based on interviews and meetings with families in Juarez who have been impacted by the mass disappearance-murders of hundreds of young women in that northern Mexico city.
6. A new kid in town, from Boston by way of Austin, is mounting a new stage work--heavy on spoken word and movement--about "world travel and internationalism". He seems sweet and energetic, and is also influenced by eccentric Waco-born theater visionary Robert Wilson. He moved here from Austin to work with Johnny Simons and the Hip Pocket Theater. As soon as I find his name/contact info, I'll pass it along to those who want to know more about his performance project.
7. The Lighthouse for the Blind of Fort Worth is about to get an up-do, with a new logo and newsletter design. I know this because I am on the Board of Directors and also serve on the Public Relations Committee.
8. Lori Thomson of the Firehouse Gallery tells me that her gallery is about to get a feature in Fort Worth Magazine, which is great news for the gallery which was voted "Best Art Gallery of Fort Worth" in the FW-Star Telegram "Best of" awards. (I do find it a bit odd that the FW Mag reporter slated to write the article doesn't plan to actually visit the space...)
9. I just heard that Rahr Brewery accepts volunteer help for their bottling process--on Sunday afternoons. And you get to take home any of the "mess-ups" for later consumption...
10. The Caves Lounge and Ozzie Rabbit Lodge staff personnel (and their crazy buddies) will face-off in a bout of paintball on Sunday, June 23rd, in FW.

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