Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Poem #157 of 365

Polynesia, dude
it was the people
from Polynesia
they were the first
to get here
to America
and they brought
their chickens
grabbed 'em by
the necks and probably
flung 'em
up on their
papyrus-type boat
vessels for that
long-ass ride

that's the way it was
i heard it dude

and when they got
here it was like oh
yeeeeah, check this
place out, good to
get out that boat, huh
and they plopped down

and made a picnic right
then and there
chicken and sauces
and maybe some sort
of squash cassava root
type side dish, you
know those island people
got to get their root vegetable
freak on
man like totally

so that's how they ended
up having a picnic there
seaside in colombia or
chile, i think it was,
eatin' chicken and
leaving the bones

that's what that scientist chick
just dug up or found
on one of her bone digs
over there
in the south, dude

chicken bones, can you
believe it, man
leave it to the chicken
to be the one
gonna turn this on
its head, becuz it
turned into some freakin
clue about who might
have made
it here first
to the new so-called
world, man

whoever would have guessed
that bones from barnyard
fowl could become so
freakin important,

so next time you got a
box of KFC under your arm
and you're hiking over to some
luau or hangin out in Costa Rica
or some shit
try leavin the bones around

and maybe someday way in
the future, man, maybe some
hot scientist chick might get
her pickax down in some dig
and find your freakin KFC
dinner bone leftovers, the
evidence, dude. we're all
leaving evidence. it's like,
if you think about it, you
know, man,

everytime you leave some
trash behind, it's like you've
discarded civilization,
you've put a 21st century
mcnugget or
chunk of history there
where somebody might
eventually, like, come
up after you,
years and years later dude
and tell it
like it was

so lesson learned #1,
dude, be careful where
you leave your chicken
bones or else history,
our freakin' human
history, might have
to be damn well rewritten.

that's intense. dude,
i mean it. like.
go google it
read it yourself,
man, look under
"chickens polynesia".
you're mind'll get
fuckin freakin blown

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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