Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Poem #171 of 365

I needed a six-pack
for the next seven days
and the one of choice
was a Texas brand.

In Fiesta, during
Hispanic Happy Rush Hour,
I cruised up to
a young Latino couple
making light conversation
over a shipment of yogurt.

Can you help me, I asked.

I’m here for some beer,
and the one that I want,
well, it’s not on the shelf,
and it’s on sale, could you
check in the back?

The smiling couple took
my interruption well, after
all they were on the clock.
And when the young man
of the pair, headed towards
the warehouse, he called
out a question, “Shampoo,

Dude, it’s a beer, Shiner Blonde.
It's made in Texas.

The young girl laughed out loud,
and asked, a beer called Blonde?
As in Dumb Blonde?

I walked away from their
ignorance and playful
jesting, and settled for
a pack of Shiner Light
so I could rinse
out the darkness
in my brunette mind.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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