Thursday, June 28, 2007

Poem #179 of 365

Ever been in an elevator
so crowded with people
that you believed that
if your body gave out
and you felt like sinking
to the floor

that the sheer volume
of body mass
surrounding you
in that moment--
all those people
at your elbow
and other elbow--
would keep you from
falling down,
would save you from
being crushed?

And there you would
be, propped up, giddy
and sweaty, thankful
for their passive
effort to just merely
be there to hold
you straight and up.

Well, that's how I
felt on Wednesday
at Embargo, dancing
til my toes shrank
to sleep in my heels,
and my breath was
spent on twirling
and none was left
for standing.

And yet, you guys
kept up your
mad hot stepping
and gyrating, up
close and next to
me, so tightly
packed were we
on that little dance

If I dared to stop,
a little jostle of
my arm would
send me jiggling
which spread to
dancing, and then
my shoulders
would straighten
and I'd be there
awake again
in full-body

I wanted to
climb out of the
spin cycle but
you guys kept
me twirling and
stomping in
this cathartic
washing machine
until our
bodies came
out--in the
early dawn light--
twisted and
damp as clean clothes.

(despues de una noche bailando con la musica de FUGA! and 0P3R4D0R)

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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