Saturday, June 09, 2007

Poem #160 of 365

I stopped chewing gum
as a regular practice
on the day they told us
that chewing gum
is pretty much like
playing with your
own spit, twisting
that gum around
in your mouth,
wadding it, and
stretching it with
your tongue, is
basically you
toying with saliva,
and the thought
of that got all mixed
up with the thought
of playing with
toejam and eating
your own snot and
even worse things
i'd rather not list here,
but making a
habit with saliva
by gum-chewing
was not gonna be
no sir, was never
gonna be something
i would be caught
doing. i once
received a painting
that an old boyfriend
made for me, he
painted the canvas
with his own penis.
damn right, i threw
that thing out first chance
i had, after he left.
don't be playing with
your body parts that
way, is what i would
say, not if you have
a mind to impress or
please me. so, go
wash your hands,
i don't know what
you been doin'.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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