Friday, June 22, 2007

Poem #173 of 365

You never know what’s
around the corner,
another corner perhaps?

I cannot type, but somehow
my fingers make connection to
the dreamland in my head
and my ego does
the right thing,
it stays out of the way,
that internal editor
smashing lightbulbs
and song.

Don't want that red ink
pen when it wants to
bleed all over
my fine print.

Around the corner,
another story,
narrative of drama,
punchline of humor,
around the corner
another corner, i try to
not second guess it, and just
be glad i don’t collide head-on,
oh wait-what am i saying,
i DO want to collide,
collide head-on,
headfirst into the
next line,
the concise next phrase,
the pivotal paragraph.

Precisely, undoubtedly.

I want to stay blessed with the
courage that's kept me curious
and pushing on down the city block
fearlessly headlong into the
circumnavigating paths of my
poems and stories and tales,
it's a thrill to careen round
the bends in my
waterstreams of writing
so that every word
is a stranger i
am happy to meet
on the page.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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