Saturday, June 02, 2007

Poem #153 of 365

When you waved towards me,
i looked at you and tried
to figure out how to help.

as you approached, i saw the
light had not yet turned green.

your mouth moved, but the radio,
i looked confused, so you came close.

a folded bill, a dollar bill
was held high up in your hand.

still on red, i held the brakes,
and tried to see what you said.

you asked me if i wanted to
drive around, had some time.

i merely squinted, it was bright,
so you asked if i sucked dick.

i gripped the wheel, and held
my poise, you said you could pay.

shook my head, and eyed the light,
i don't make my money that way.

you turned to go, and so did i,
but the red kept me in that lane.

what to do, i felt my heart race,
got to scream, or to help someone else.

i was scared, the blood pumped fast,
it was shock that i felt.

the man in white shorts, head is balding,
i would not forget.

i drove in circles, like a stunned bird,
until i stopped at a store.

call the police, give my details,
make the man go away.

-make the man go away
-it was shock that i felt
-got to scream or to help
-i would not forget.

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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