Monday, June 11, 2007

Poem #162 of 365

they banged:
drums of a king kong firefeast

they struck:
strings of a drunken flea

he played:
keys of a dancing monkey

together they sang:
in the voice of a rasta sage

we heard the:
songs of struggle and fight,
songs of resistance to might,
songs to bring us to our feet
songs to take to the street

we are now:
spilling our lungs out with song
shouting as one people so strong
jumping and dancing to show

the power of music does grow

they throw one great:
communal peace sign
a big banner of Che
fist of unity into the air
cheer to Sub Marcos

we have clearly:
taken over this space
remembered our heroes
forgotten our sorrows
lifted our eyes

and the band looked so glad to be here,
in Texas to sing away fear
in Dallas to accept us as equals
to remind us we are all just people
who know it is poison to
summon adversity,
and so we turn to each
other again, not as
strangers, but as exhausted,
beer-stained, and smiling
kindred folks and we
reach to one another in the
highest Loft with
sweaty but welcoming arms.

(a bit giddy and satiated after the Manu Chao show at the Palladium in Dallas on Sunday 6/10/07)

copyright 2007 tammy melody gomez

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